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Ossur Upper X liners are ill shaped, their relatively cylindrical shape causes chronic congestion eczema of the stump [tech report]

As i just checked past correspondence it turns out that I had written to the sales contact of Ossur Europe on December 14th 2009.

I had informed them their product Ossur Upper X (which I was equipped with) causes me both eczema at the stump end and, furthermore, constriction of my arm at the elbow – simply because they mass produce stump liners for cylindrical shape rather than my real stump shape which obviously is more conical.

In other words, their liners fit a stump that has the same circumference at any position (cylindrical shape) – whereas my stump is a bit more muscular, thick and wide at the elbow and thin and bony at the end (conical shape). That is the case because I am very active and keep fit, because I move a lot and do sports.

Now, Ossur advertises to be “the go-destination for athletes that want to be active” but that is not met by their products – the liners are geared towards amputees that, in fact, have cylindrical stumps. Legally, Ossur cannot be held responsible as they advertise to be a manufacturer for people that “want to be” active much rather than catering towards people that actually “are” active.

So given all that, I had asked them to produce the liner with a conical shape.

More specifically, I had written them the following text (in German, just for the record):

Mit dem Upper X Groesse 14, der vorne am Stumpf zu locker ist, habe ich nun vorne am Stumpf deswegen kleine Taschen, in denen der Schweiss sammelt und wo die Haut daher zu Ausschlag, Pilzinfekt und Ekzem neigt. Am Oberrand neben dem Liner ist dieser viel zu eng, dort habe ich vom starken Druck auch schon kleine Blasen gehabt.


Daher meine Bitte: – koennten Sie die Upper X Liner alternativ leicht konisch anbieten, vorne beim Pin sollte er etwas enger sein als hinten

In other words, I explained serious dermatological consequences of their liner design.

Rather obviously, I never got an answer.

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Tweaking Ossur parts to actually function – Icelock pin lock repeatedly loosening [tip]

Ossur customer service appears to have no time, Ossur Facebook censoring removes relevant request posts – so the company must do their darnedest to create the impression that their parts function and customers happy. It is indeed possible to work with Ossur parts though, despite what definitely comes across as questionable attitude and questionable engineering.

The system that I was set up with to use contains

  • Ossur Upper X silicone liners, and
  • Ossur Icelock pinlocks used for prosthetic arms (Icelock UX 721 and similar)

Both are problematic and yet, prices are massive.

This post is about the pinlock.

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