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Performance rating of prosthetic options [rational approach / numbers]

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ArmWear: Cool Prosthetics - Graduation Report, September 2010, by Marijn Geurts [art / research review]

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Death cycle of hope for right below elbow amputees [and attempts to escape from it]

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Where to expect negative reactions on a broader front [attitudes towards disability maps]

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1981 Gerber race bike modified for left handed / one handed riding [howto: brake lever]

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Frei- und Hallenbäder für ein-händig funktionierende Personen [Übersicht]

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Chinese farmer makes functional affordable prosthetic arms [amputee driven innovation]

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Relating properly to disabled people matter of manners [article review / black satire]

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Christmas candle - match light [demo]

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Use of measurement devices to control a wrist unit - not the hand [spark, idea, developers' checklists]

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The Alternative Limb Project [artwork]

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WillowWood Alphaliner silicone defect [photos]

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Socket Art and Prostheses Art as Obsession - the amputated limb and its prosthetic replacement as Permanent Canvas Shape for an exhibition called Spare Parts 2012 [freak show corner]