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Academically published myoelectric arm control error rates since ~1980 remain extremely high, far above any real life use requirement, and not even a slight trend to more reliable control in sight: what does this mean?

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Disability and the public - prosthetic arms and more: do we appear "competent"? (review)

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Embodiment of a prosthetic arm [reflections, thoughts, considerations]

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3D-print molded Protosil RTV 245 (durometer shore 40A) silicone covers for Toughware Equilux [proof of concept, demo of "bionic" grip]

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Scientific approach taken for implementing a successfully marketable microprocessor-controlled knee - history of Otto Bock C-leg [lessons for prosthetic arms?]

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Grip performance enhancement through modifying terminal device gripper surface [overview]

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Prosthetic hand and gripper options: grip analysis, grip construction [summary/post list]

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Liquid hands in a liquid modernity [symbolism, realism - and then what?] {rather graphic, viewer discretion advised, long, difficult}

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iLimb Ultra Revolution - global news: a fitting work glove has been found [product tip]

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Bioethik, Human Enhancement und Behinderung [am Beispiel Unterarmamputation rechts]

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Manualization of the body and time and effort spent to implement it [options for people missing an upper extremity part]

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What makes a good grip - gadget for non-disabled people [product]

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Grip geometry and prosthetic solutions analyzed - stump, Krukenberg arm and grip [what we really want / Sci Fi]