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Real watch for real men* ? {TL;DR:not a smart watch, not a luxury watch} [tech]

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Body Talk [user perspective/s with regard to "bionic" hands]

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Embodiment of a prosthetic arm [reflections, thoughts, considerations]

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Scientific approach taken for implementing a successfully marketable microprocessor-controlled knee - history of Otto Bock C-leg [lessons for prosthetic arms?]

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The death of Dr. No [lessons to be learned for prosthetic design and use]

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What if Hugh Herr built prosthetic arms [development cycles, how to get better with engineering]

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What to do once your arm has mindboggling amounts of DOF but your stump can only address 2-3 ? [tech scifi stuff]

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Social ranking wins over function for "bionic" hands [this & that]

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Prosthetic Aesthetics [fairytales, myths and hypes]

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Established companies find that customers like TOTALLY different designs [market relevant developments]

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Is arm amputation a "rare disease" or "orphan disease": term, significance, consequence [statistics and insurance] [rant]