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Embodiment of a prosthetic arm [reflections, thoughts, considerations]

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3D-print molded Protosil RTV 245 (durometer shore 40A) silicone covers for Toughware Equilux [proof of concept, demo of "bionic" grip]

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Case-study of a user-driven prosthetic arm design: bionic hand versus customized body-powered technology in a highly demanding work environment [article out]

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Grip performance enhancement through modifying terminal device gripper surface [overview]

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Trautmann hook [3D printed steel parts, assembly, first use]

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Graphene-based neural interfaces are a first promising method to interfacing directly with our nerves [science]

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Body powered arms [technical design overview]

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Plastic - can be sprayed on as fabric [new material]

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Plastic --- heals [new material]