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Populistische Gas-Kampagne verwendet Armamputierten als Teufelsfratze in Deutschland [Medienkritik: Behinderte durchs Dorf jagen 2019]

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BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL challenge #1 - private parts [vision; Swiss Prosthetics brand promise]

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TRS Jaws [new product - first use report]

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Adapting mountain bike (CUBE ACID 29", 2019) for left handed use [photos]

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BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL - defect iLimb glove poses tricky Catch-22 for Cybathlon 2020 [review]

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BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL - Hammer use to hammer nails, with "bionic" prosthetic hand, poses tricky Catch-22 for Cybathlon 2020 [review]

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Becker Hand - best grip in town [mechanism visualization]

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Soldering cable connection and heat shrinking tube over connection (Extreme Cyborging Microworks)

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CE marking or norm in relation to components for prosthetic arms

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How does a Helping Hand / LN 4 hand work [test report]

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Disability and the public - prosthetic arms and more: do we appear "competent"? (review)

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Open Bionics Hero Arm [considerations from another angle]

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3D-print molded Protosil RTV 245 (durometer shore 40A) silicone covers for Toughware Equilux [proof of concept, demo of "bionic" grip]