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Prosthesis and the engineered imagination: reading augmentation and disability across cultural theory, representation and product design [review]

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How is "John without arms" an ableist derogatory Brazilian / Portuguese idiom that directly attributes ignorance and laziness to disability and then uses it a technical amputation descriptor to denote the lazy or ignorant?

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Alex Roy and comparing junk with what "real men" wear [consumer products and society]

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The death of Dr. No [lessons to be learned for prosthetic design and use]

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"Robotics"/"Cyborg"-ism and prosthetic arms - state of the art, and choice of role of prosthesis within own body image [analysis post]

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What if Hugh Herr built prosthetic arms [development cycles, how to get better with engineering]

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Thorstein Veblen - The Leisure Class Society (and how it applies to current trends in prosthetic arm "design")

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Missing hand, hook, and perceived risk [sociology of fables leaking into modern day perceptions]

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What to do once your arm has mindboggling amounts of DOF but your stump can only address 2-3 ? [tech scifi stuff]

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Being human #voightkampff - nondisabled vs. disabled people [scenarios]