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Approximating true cost of faulty grip control from a true user view / experience [cost versus benefit aspect]

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Dynabee / Powerball / Forceball - playing with gyroscopic device, trying to keep momentum using prosthetic arm [subtle sensory feedback demo]

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Ossur first effectively bricks insanely overpriced iLimb devices by disabling their control / configuration software [product death / last bad hand day] - UPDATE ~4 MONTHS LATER: they sent an iPod for device control [product revived! - battery specifications]

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Prosthesis and the engineered imagination: reading augmentation and disability across cultural theory, representation and product design [review]

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Skyscraper (2018 film) [review]

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BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL - Hammer use to hammer nails, with "bionic" prosthetic hand, poses tricky Catch-22 for Cybathlon 2020 [review]

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BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: Pitch black cynicism in the Cybathlon 2020: "the role of a disabled person" [not funny]

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Modifying Shimano Ultegra road bike setup on a Colnago C40 for left handed use - second approach [technical right below elbow amputee core focus work / bike adaptation]

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Alex Roy and comparing junk with what "real men" wear [consumer products and society]

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Der Cybathlon 2016 wurde bei den Armprothesen von einem Mann mit "Hook" gewonnen [#research #surprise #bodypowered]

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The Cybathlon as iconic Trash Culture modern day Circus show: arm amputees, arms race and technical considerations regarding specific applicants [proper research domain assignment, pre-race evaluation of critical check points, detailed in-race grip analysis, cultural domain considerations, gonzo race report]

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New visibility for very old symbols? Viktoria Modesta, Prototype, Channel 4, "spike dance" [media review]

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Socket Art and Prostheses Art as Obsession - the amputated limb and its prosthetic replacement as Permanent Canvas Shape for an exhibition called Spare Parts 2012 [freak show corner]