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How to apply wood screws in series - demonstration, difficulties [bench work]

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How to sharpen a pencil fast [technical advice]

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BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: Pitch black cynicism in the Cybathlon 2020: "the role of a disabled person" [not funny]

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Embodiment of a prosthetic arm [reflections, thoughts, considerations]

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Understanding and informing design issues of a prosthetic arm for below elbow amputation by way of "taxonomy" [literature review, reality check]

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Cybathlon 2020: introducing the BLUE LIGHT specials for the prosthetic arm challenges ahead [terminology, concept]

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3D-print molded Protosil RTV 245 (durometer shore 40A) silicone covers for Toughware Equilux [proof of concept, demo of "bionic" grip]

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Modifying Shimano Ultegra road bike setup on a Colnago C40 for left handed use - second approach [technical right below elbow amputee core focus work / bike adaptation]

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Bad Hand Day V - will the mobile app actually start?

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Case-study of a user-driven prosthetic arm design: bionic hand versus customized body-powered technology in a highly demanding work environment [article out]

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle [movie review]

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Cracking an egg single-handedly [ANPPN - activities of no particular prosthetic need]

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Alex Roy and comparing junk with what "real men" wear [consumer products and society]