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Modify wrist watch arm band for one-handed use [tech tip]

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Real watch for real men* ? {TL;DR:not a smart watch, not a luxury watch} [tech]

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Casio G-SHOCK GW-M5610 (module 3159) with gesture controlled light switch - where we are going, we don't need hands [using motion sensors for sensible application for one handed users]

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Casio wrist watch wrist band swap [technical, EC microworks]

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Comprehensive inventory of ADL - Activities of Daily Living - using Becker Lock Grip hand and Otto Bock MovoHook 2Grip as right below elbow amputee

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Which watch?

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Discriminating ad - the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie spits down on amputees as what they call 'fake people' alluding at a prosthetic hand

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Putting on and taking off wrist watch with right below elbow amputation (stump, prosthesis: video demos)