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#userdrivendesign Prosthetic arm design: i-Limb Revolution versus customized body powered arm in a work environment combining bodily exertion, wide temperature ranges, wide body motion ranges, heavy workload and subtle grips [Cybathlon Symposium, Oct 6 2016, Poster A12]

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Prosthetic options and Yenga - intricate grip differentiation details [up close grip mechanics]

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ISPO 2015 - review of relevant abstracts [review]

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Otto Bock's funny video (hooks after all? needle and thread benchmark?)

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A myoelectric prosthetic arm does have a mind on its own [just watch this - problems with postural interference, limb position(ing) effect, possible solution].

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Update on fuel cells [dreaming of electric sheep]

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The "Russian arm" control paradigm for myoelectric prostheses [still relabeled as "bionic" or "thought controlled" arm] {what we have been withholding from you so far}

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Russian prosthetic arm [about the history of myoelectric arms]

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"MYO" - reasonably complex myoelectric control consumer electronics apparently widely available soon [PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT]

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Use of measurement devices to control a wrist unit - not the hand [spark, idea, developers' checklists]

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BeBionic2 - new grip patterns [pictures]

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Individual Finger Control of a Virtual Prosthetic Device Using Surface EMG [research]

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Toshiba launches fuel cells for mobile devices [tech news]