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Approximating true cost of faulty grip control from a true user view / experience [cost versus benefit aspect]

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Review of DeTOP European Research project H2020-ICT-687905 [review / academic project]

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Review of paper "Evaluating Reachable Workspace and User Control Over Prehensor Aperture for a Body-Powered Prosthesis" [review]

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Stigma and objectification - Stella Young's TED talk [critical review]

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Sweat as an issue [talking shop now]

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Body Talk [user perspective/s with regard to "bionic" hands]

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Dynabee / Powerball / Forceball - playing with gyroscopic device, trying to keep momentum using prosthetic arm [subtle sensory feedback demo]

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TIPS for research in prosthetic arms for below elbow amputees [paper review / tips]

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Ossur first effectively bricks insanely overpriced iLimb devices by disabling their control / configuration software [product death / last bad hand day] - UPDATE ~4 MONTHS LATER: they sent an iPod for device control [product revived! - battery specifications]

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Prosthesis and the engineered imagination: reading augmentation and disability across cultural theory, representation and product design [review]

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Actuation - terms, concepts and issues [what is, and is not, underactuated and why does it matter for prosthetic arms]

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Prosthetic hand appearance in relation to cosplay and navigating apparent person [exhibition - CHRIS WILDRICK - THIS IS WHO I AM]

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Artikel: "Kampf um die Prothese: «Behinderte werden vom Staat noch weiter behindert»" von D. Wirth, 28.10.2019 [Kommentar]