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Modifying Shimano Ultegra road bike setup on a Colnago C40 for left handed use - first approach [technical right below elbow amputee core focus work / bike adaptation]

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iLimb / myoelectric arm: chronic skin rash due to local myoelectric skin electrode placement during bicycle ride [complication report] [bad hand days/weeks/month] (towards the AUA/WIFUCD dichotomy)

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ADL learning and body powered prosthesis control [paper review]

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Is it wise to widen the clientele for prosthetic arms, and is it wise to get more crappy "bionic" arms publicly funded?

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The Cybathlon as iconic Trash Culture modern day Circus show: arm amputees, arms race and technical considerations regarding specific applicants [proper research domain assignment, pre-race evaluation of critical check points, detailed in-race grip analysis, cultural domain considerations, gonzo race report]

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Electromagnetic shielding and phantom pain [tech corner]

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What prosthetic arm to use? [flow chart / algorithm]

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Swiss Federal President John Taylor Mayor speaks to the Day of the Ill [analysis] #montypython #bwahaha

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Vacuuming with iLimb Ultra Revolution [ADL]

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Hard Bimanual Activities (HBM) [overview]

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Visualizing a Broken Body - Cyborg art implications for visual and functional prosthetic design [art, cultural reflection]

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Bimanual activities beyond comfort zone - bike tour over Stelvio Pass [yoo hoo]

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Cocreat 3D [very stylish 3D printing arm/hand startup]