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Sweat as an issue [talking shop now]

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Paper rolls sold out - quasi-prosthetic trick in instance of "survival of the fittest" ["hand"/s on]

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Prosthetic hand appearance in relation to cosplay and navigating apparent person [exhibition - CHRIS WILDRICK - THIS IS WHO I AM]

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Wie baue ich ein Fahrrad / Velo um für das Fahren mit einseitiger Armamputation? [Erfahrungsberichte / Vorschläge / Anleitung]

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TRS Jaws [new product - first use report]

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Angular constraints of prosthetic grippers and functional success correlation [technical evaluation]

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Myoelectric prosthetic arms do not "really" function - so whom to sell them to? [cynical economic considerations]

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User perspective on the rubber hand illusion in a wider sense – prosthetic arm and ownership for real use [reflection and consideration]

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CE marking or norm in relation to components for prosthetic arms

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Coping with my own phantom pain {summary: vascular congestion and cold skin: compression really helps - musculoskeletal contribution to pain: hot baths, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, massages}

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BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: Pitch black cynicism in the Cybathlon 2020: "the role of a disabled person" [not funny]

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Embodiment of a prosthetic arm [reflections, thoughts, considerations]

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Modifying Shimano Ultegra road bike setup on a Colnago C40 for left handed use - second approach [technical right below elbow amputee core focus work / bike adaptation]