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Real watch for real men* ? {TL;DR:not a smart watch, not a luxury watch} [tech]

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Approximating true cost of faulty grip control from a true user view / experience [cost versus benefit aspect]

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Body Talk [user perspective/s with regard to "bionic" hands]

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How is a hook more advanced and better than a prosthetic hand? [tech demo]

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Dynabee / Powerball / Forceball - playing with gyroscopic device, trying to keep momentum using prosthetic arm [subtle sensory feedback demo]

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BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL challenge #1 - private parts [vision; Swiss Prosthetics brand promise]

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BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL - defect iLimb glove poses tricky Catch-22 for Cybathlon 2020 [review]

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BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL - Hammer use to hammer nails, with "bionic" prosthetic hand, poses tricky Catch-22 for Cybathlon 2020 [review]

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Prosthetic split-hooks are by far the MORE MODERN concept than prosthetic hands and they did not take long to get vilified [what you all got wrong about history]

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Was ist mit Cybathlon@SCHOOL moeglicherweise problematisch?

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Angular constraints of prosthetic grippers and functional success correlation [technical evaluation]

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Myoelectric prosthetic arms do not "really" function - so whom to sell them to? [cynical economic considerations]

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Academically published myoelectric arm control error rates since ~1980 remain extremely high, far above any real life use requirement, and not even a slight trend to more reliable control in sight: what does this mean?