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What to do once your arm has mindboggling amounts of DOF but your stump can only address 2-3 ? [tech scifi stuff]

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Body powered arms [technical design overview]

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WillowWood Alphaliner silicone defect [photos]

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Below elbow amputee socket with guitar plectrum mount [proof of concept]

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KISS Technologies LLC - new liner-socket interface [preview]

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Smart phone built into prosthetic arm [tech]

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Elektrische Prothesenheizung [Montageanleitung]

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Electric heating for my prosthetic arm [tech build / instructions]

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Socket length for long forearm stumps - extreme back-to-back mount of Ossur Icelock pin-lock and wrist

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Socket control of pronation and supination [demo]

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How to make a prosthetic socket [myth buster]

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Dan Horkey takes prosthetic socket artwork to *CHROME*

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Schweiss und Hautprobleme am Stumpf - Stumpfpflege