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Wie baue ich ein Fahrrad / Velo um für das Fahren mit einseitiger Armamputation? [Erfahrungsberichte / Vorschläge / Anleitung]

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Swiss Federal President John Taylor Mayor speaks to the Day of the Ill [analysis] #montypython #bwahaha

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Summer holidays [fly swimming, jellyfish chasing]

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Sissel Pro Compact massage device in action [experience report]

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Titanium feat. Sia (by David Guerra) [chill]

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Plaid - 35 summers [chill out]

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Dirty Loops - Sexyback [chill]

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Chicane - What Am I Doing Here / part 2 [chill]

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Trentemøller - Always Something Better (vocal version ft. Richard Davis) [chill out]

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Body core strength - LUNOCET 015 - peaceful Lake of Zurich freestyle LUNOCET swimming [summer break]

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Phantom limb, phantom world, phantom pain and Microsoft XBOX 360 with KINECT [hehe]

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JD Sumner - The Lord Still Lives In This Old House [chill out]

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Training for failure [wobble tip]