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Myoelectric prosthetic arms do not "really" function - so whom to sell them to? [cynical economic considerations]

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Academically published myoelectric arm control error rates since ~1980 remain extremely high, far above any real life use requirement, and not even a slight trend to more reliable control in sight: what does this mean?

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CE marking or norm in relation to components for prosthetic arms

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How does a Helping Hand / LN 4 hand work [test report]

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Disability and the public - prosthetic arms and more: do we appear "competent"? (review)

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Real work - Real Men Don't Eat Quiche - Real Programmers Don't Use PASCAL [reference to popular culture]

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List of possible prosthetic arm failure points [prosthetic reliability]

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Open Bionics Hero Arm [considerations from another angle]

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How to apply wood screws in series - demonstration, difficulties [bench work]

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BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: Pitch black cynicism in the Cybathlon 2020: "the role of a disabled person" [not funny]

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Embodiment of a prosthetic arm [reflections, thoughts, considerations]

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Understanding and informing design issues of a prosthetic arm for below elbow amputation by way of "taxonomy" [literature review, reality check]

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Experienced user based advice for investors in the domain of prosthetic arms [technical guide for understanding the field]