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Ossur first effectively bricks insanely overpriced iLimb devices by disabling their control / configuration software [product death / last bad hand day] - UPDATE ~4 MONTHS LATER: they sent an iPod for device control [product revived! - battery specifications]

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CE marking or norm in relation to components for prosthetic arms

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Social ranking wins over function for "bionic" hands [this & that]

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Prosthetic arms - components, price, price per month of service free operation, functional value [economical considerations]

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Prosthetic arms, hands and hooks and other orthopedic technical products. Swiss Disability Insurance. Swiss import regulations.

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Armprothese, orthopaedische Hilfsmittel und Import [Schweiz, Importbestimmungen, IV]

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Lawsuit against a prosthetic part manufacturer [rumor]

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Is arm amputation a "rare disease" or "orphan disease": term, significance, consequence [statistics and insurance] [rant]

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Ruf nach Registrierung sämtlicher Produkteversager in der orthopädischen Prothetik [Prothetik allgemein]

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