Consumer products to help through ADL (activities of daily living) [product tips]

In a few years, the choice of products I found useful for me, that are different from what other people that have, like, two hands, have boiled down to a few. It may be of interest to list these.


Open jars

This jar opener is surprisingly simply made. It features a saw blade mounted to a plastic triangle. So far, however, all jar lids surrendered to my opening attempts and so I would without reluctance recommend this one.

Buy here:

EZ Off Jar Opener

Open bottles

The wall mounted bottle opener is definitely the best option in my experience.

Buy here:

AMAZON.COM Wall Mounted Classic Zinc Starr X Bottle Opener Bar

AMAZON.COM Black Plain STARR "X" Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

This pocket type bottle opener also works very well. It may be better than the wall mount when I expect the bottle to sputter some foam.

Buy here:

Kebo One-Handed Bottle Opener

And before I get "creative" when, say, there is no bottle opener in a hotel room or such, my prosthetic hand usually features one of these ring type openers.

Buy here:

Bottle Opener Ring


Lock laces

As I previously posted, I use Lock Laces. I tried a number of other options and not only are these fast to use, they also allow me to firmly set my laces to a "somewhat relaxed" width which normal shoe lace knots do not allow as a feature.

Buy here:

AMAZON.COM LOCK LACES (Elastic Shoelace and Fastening System) (Black)

AMAZON.DE Lock Laces

Boots (slip on)

I wear these slip-on boots since decades. They are very useful and comfortable, durable and usually relatively presentable (gotta shine them though).


Real nail file

All other options to cut finger nails suck. A real file works best.

Buy at your local hardware store.

Clocks everywhere


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