Prosthetic target training

There are a few applications that I found indispensable to start building up confidence in prosthetic use. They obviously center around what I find relevant in terms of doing.

You will find these to provide iron hard test units for your prosthetic setup. No force, no violence and no rage is happening here - this is pure skill building.


First I just try to type.

Left hand with 5 fingers, right arm with the tip of the hook.

Then I try to build up precision.

Then confidence by not looking down onto the keyboard.

Then I try to go for speed.


Cooking requires various skills and is somewhat hard to define from a manual or prosthetic usage point of view.So I started to cook my own marmelade.

1. Get 500 g of strawberries that are so ripe they almost flow apart. Get 500 g of pectine (German: Gelierzucker).

2. Grasp each single strawberry and place it onto the cutting board (using hook).

3. Cut strawberry (hold knife in hand, fix strawberry with hook).

4. Place cut pieces into pot (using hook).

5. Repeat from 2. until all fruits are cut.

6. Add pectine / Gelierzucker and spices to your fruit mix. Blend it if you want. Cook marmelade. Relax hook.

The hook is my standard equipment to use for kitchen work now, particularly cooking.


1. Place garment onto ironing board.

2. Use hook to pull garment as wrinkle free as possible.

3. Iron as you go holding iron in (sound) hand.

4. Back to 1. until you are done.

5. "Level 2 training": use prosthetic hand to steer iron. One point deduction if you iron your 'sound' hand / fingers.

I always use the prosthesis for ironing.


I first was afraid to go back to driving my car. But after a while, I found that the new Otto Bock hook is well shaped and strong enough to hold on to the steering wheel, and my cable controlled prosthesis is build reliably and strong. So I drive with the hook (spring set to the strong lever position).

One benchmark test was driving Zuerich-Berlin in 6 hours with peak speeds around 220 km/h (about 136 mph). Now, I almost always use the prosthesis for driving.


The hook either acts as fork or to hold the knife. Also, I use it to carry stuff, hold bottles or containers.

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