‘Wooden’ Arm Rejuvenates Amputee’s Outlook [Becker hand and prosthetic arm design success story]

My website here specifically looks at, tests, plays with, and describes prosthetic arms as seen from my personal angle. I will praise components I like. I will tweak stuff and beat it into submission where I see fit. Or I will point out flaws and deficiencies. Clearly, the Becker hand is one of the big highlights - maybe not so much as seen from the eyes of an academic researcher (what do they know) but as seen from the eyes and felt from the heart of a person that actually attaches these things onto their body and wears them.

And so every now and then, someone else reads these things here, and decides to also try out something.

Apparently, these guys read this and went ahead to build Tim a prosthetic arm. Later, the prosthetist sent me an e-mail and some photos.

They set up Tim's arm with a Becker hand and made it look like natural wood.

Extremely cool!

Press release:

In February 2012, whilst travelling as a car passenger on his way home to Eastbourne, Tim Madison was involved in a road traffic accident that resulted in the amputation of his left arm. As Tim recalls, “Being a self-employed window cleaner, a keen runner and regular gym user, losing my arm completely turned my world upside-down!”

Despite experiencing some early setbacks in his rehabilitation, Tim now proudly shows off his new alternative ‘wooden look’ prosthetic arm.

Tim recounted his journey, “Initially I attended my local Rehabilitation Centre, but my experiences there weren’t very positive and I became quite disillusioned”. Adding, “I was starting to see little point in having a prosthetic arm.”

However, before completely dismissing any future prosthetic use, Tim’s solicitor, Michael Blandy, suggested that he attend a clinical assessment by an independent provider.

As Michael explained, “Tim’s negative experiences were impacting his recovery potential. A fresh approach would perhaps provide him with some alternative solutions and alleviate some of his frustrations. I was also keen that Tim could regain his ability to undertake normal daily life, such as going to the gym and start planning his future in the jobs market.”

With excellent cooperation from the insurers involved in the litigation claim, Michael referred Tim to the multi-disciplinary team at Pace Rehabilitation for an Initial Assessment.

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DSC03159 (Large)

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