DARPA Artificial Arm > Mind Control through Brain Implants > Human Trials Next [science fiction]

While trying to now push for brain implant technology that has not even been tested leave alone tested thoroughly yet, and while no prosthetic manufacturer - mainly due to market and economical reasons including sloppy insurance check of materials sold - the DARPA now not only wants to research more complex prosthetic electric arm machinery, but not myoelectric but using neural brain implants, and they want to make it last for, say, 70 years also.

Amazing. So, what is all that?

I guess they are extremely afraid to develop tangible results. Or they have a deal with Otto Bock who now markets some of their arm stuff for, say, five years until, say, by 2015 they come out with new high-risk implant technology.

But that is a problematic path. These are not devices to rely upon. But they don't want to hear that. Having real amputees wreck non-disabled researchers' brain children is tantamount to a palace revolution - then, the non-disabled guys lost a real-life assessment race against disabled people. And that, for sure, is NOT a story to tell at home. Otto Bock has the same problem, by the way: of ten arm amputees, not one is "fit" to take advantage of their new arm. And that is most likely not because the new arm is so powerful, but because it is so fragile. To me, this is one big huge program to avoid facing harsh realities and to avoid dialog with disabled people that just wrecked geeky developments.

With that DARPA arm idea, they already started out with arrogant remarks about body powered technology and that alone shows how deeply clueless they are.

Hm, let us think - those guys have no summers, no garden work to do? They live in a bubble, no? They are not of this world, really? Otherwise I strongly suggest they first go for serious bush shredding and take it from there. Just do it.




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