Alanna Henderson: Picking up the pieces [interview crosspost]

All media frenzy over hyped up issues fade, all distortions pale against Alanna Henderson's account which deeply resonates with me.

Three years after losing the right hand and wrist, I still dream with me having an intact body, when I wake up at first, THIS all feels like a bad dream. Such dreams now happened a few times. The feeling after losing a limb - haven't seen any other statements of amputees that felt so true to heart than these in a long while.

It really feels like picking up pieces for me, too. Most of the time I am trying to deny how bad I know and feel it is that I feel about it - knowing I can face that question in two or four years time and knowing that of all people, I cannot run away from it. One doctor once suggested to me that I might dissimulate a bit. - It really feels like limb loss is completely taking my life apart - basically, a whole lot of it was cut away with the hand.

And yet, and with all that, it still feels a lot better than what had happened before, just as Alanna Henderson reports it as well - as different as our stories are, it does. Being free of the sorrows, illness and pain that monopolized me before, being able to lead a self determined life, sleeping like a log at night without medication: great stuff.

Alanna Henderson: Picking up the pieces from Bastard Artist on Vimeo.

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