Making coffee as arm amputee benchmark activity / ADL activities of daily living [demo]

The currently available demo benchmark activities that attempt to show the greatness of ~90'000 USD priced loud fragile "bionic" hands include videos of activities that do not at all require that extra hand, like, making instant coffee : ) - as can be seen here in all glory......:

But is making instant coffee with an Otto Bock Michelangelo hand really proof that guy is more human than an amputee?

Watch me (also an amputee) lay it out for you:

It has been alleged by Otto Bock Michelangelo hand fanboys that making coffee as an expression to be a human before being an amputee contains the usage of instant coffee powder and its dilution with water of some kind. Brrr.

I would contend that this can be interpreted as very cheap thinking brought on by wasting one's resources in the wrong area of consumer goods.

Instead of spending 90'000 CHF on a Michelangelo hand (or howevermuch they offer to sell it to you), I use my money in a totally different fashion in order to live life, obviously, as a human.

I buy freshly roasted direct import coffee. Here, you see me preparing the second espresso of a Batak Lintong double espresso, one of the finest coffees there are. For that, I will prepare a portioned grind. Then I will use the tamper with swift rotation movements to get the espresso impacted firmly into the piston. What follows is the step of "temperature surfing" on a regular umpimped Rancilio Silvia espresso machine in order to get the steam at the very right temperature in order to maximize taste subtlety of the steaming process. After that, the piston and tamper are cleaned.

Many of these "bionic fanboys" just as some hand transplant recipients tell us that "it is the little things that make the big difference". Is it the little things that make the difference now, really? How do we know that is true? As far as I can tell, it is the hard, repetitive and heavy works, that make the difference. Also, it is great coffee that makes the world go round, not el-cheapo instant dish washing water of whatever comes out of these attempts. For any important applications, why not buy a suitable item that is extremely well conditioned and affordable?

Currently I am wearing a Becker hand, an old socket and a brand new Alpha liner with a pin lock. As always, that is just a test setup. Nevertheless it should show you what real humans are about that really love coffee and that really understand prosthetic arms happen to brew without prosthetic, or, as seen here, with prosthetic.

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