Hosmer Model 6 Work Hook [tweak / improvement / backlock feature]

The Hosmer Model 6 Work Hook is by far the most robust, powerful and useful commercially available terminal device for real work, besides the Toughware PRX V2P Prehensor and the Toughware PRX Retro. This Hosmer device is particularly useful due to the backlock feature that allows the user to reliably hold also relatively heavy machines for an extended period of time (such as hedge cutters).

As I routinely seem to also go through hedge cutters (these never last forever due to undersized cooling) this is of relevance to me. I recently realized that there are a number of technical aspects worthwhile putting out into the internet, in case the one or other user wants to go about things in a similar way.

The hook normally is delivered with a backlock clip (the connector clip to the right of the main hook joint, that connects the hook mechanism to the backlock lever, see picture below) whose straight connector faces outwards. The ends of the clip face towards the rubbers, as can be seen in the factory issued product picture.


What I found was that increasing grip strength would cause a mechanical collision between the backlock clip ends and the rubbers in a way that damaged the rubbers by having clip ends dig in. If you really want maximum performance out of this hook, this problem can be a real bitch.

I thus removed the screw, took the thing apart, reversed the clip and thus managed to get more rubbers to go on that hook, as the images show. There is slight contact with that one really thick rubber as seen in the below picture. These are EZE Model T-1 rubber bands from veterinary / farming suppliers, they are affordable, powerful and last long.

IMG_20160602_092004 IMG_20160602_092015

Once you take it apart you will see that it makes sense to mount the device in a vice. But then, getting it undone and putting it back together is sort of self explanatory.

Grip wise, the hook ends also benefit from silicone tubing at least for one of the two tongs even though these really wear down fast; I use large sized tube orders for that application. There is a trade off between using narrower tubing (harder to get on) that wears down faster (edgy hook tongs) but that stay on perfectly well and provide top grip strength as well as precision pushes (narrow around hook) – whereas wider tubing is far easier to get on, but may get in the way when handling more delicate stuff. In the end, you may want to stack a few tube sizes just to have a choice.

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