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Trimming hedges with Hosmer 6 work hook and 2,7 kg cutter in 37 deg C sunny summer [achievement / benchmark report]

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To be "authentic" in conjunction with being an arm amputee and prosthetic arms?

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How to actually pick, choose, decide for a particular type and make of a prosthetic arm [mental flow chart]

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New visibility for very old symbols? Viktoria Modesta, Prototype, Channel 4, "spike dance" [media review]

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Stretchable ​silicon nanoribbon electronics for skin prosthesis [science

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Asymmetry due to below elbow amputation and consequences [analysis]

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Uncanny valley and its vicious impact on researchers, media and amputees [projected vision spaces]

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Feeling with a prosthetic “bionic” hand [research review] II

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Pilot's prosthetic arm comes lose resulting in rough landing [tech analysis, wild guess]

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Photography as right below elbow amputee [technical tips]

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UNYQ company offering ready-to-order design customization for leg prostheses [new products out]

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Friction rash [allergy? sweat? skin disease? poor hygiene? no - just using arm up by simple friction]

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Fold shirt [pinch method, under 2 seconds]