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Strategy for using 3d printing in your overall problem solving process when working towards prosthetic hand or hook solutions [tip's and trick's]

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3D printing requires a prosthetic hook [easing into tech]

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Normalizing prosthetic arms and media: the role of 3D printing - official statement

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"3D printing" [proof of concept]

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Cocreat 3D [very stylish 3D printing arm/hand startup]

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Robert Downey Jr. himself presents a 3D-printed "miracle" [3d printing, Iron Man, plastic hand hype, great looks though]

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Very cool 3D printed arm [3D printing]

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3D printing in all homes [rant]

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3D-print molded Protosil RTV 245 (durometer shore 40A) silicone covers for Toughware Equilux [proof of concept, demo of "bionic" grip]

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Trautmann hook [3D printed steel parts, assembly, first use]

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Trautman Hook (3d printed PLA, first bench test) [design]

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University of Washington 2010 - students design prosthetic arms [review / what to do with a 3D printer]

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Eric Ronning of Reprosthetics designs the ReHand, a printable 3D hand [research prize]