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Lampshade 3D-print (proof of concept)

We had an old lamp whose lampshade had become brittle, and that broke after a minor incident, which was a pity because I liked that little lamp.

So I decided to give it a new lampshade. Really, it seems like I was just looking for an excuse to play with some funny commands in the 3D software. 

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Subaru Outback (2018) – how to “permanently” disable start/stop automatic [tips]

As it appears, people get aggravated over the start/stop function or start/stop automatic of the current Subaru models. I can only address this from my own Subaru Outback (2018) use.

There, one can read the manual to find out what the start/stop automatic requires to function. From my view, that is not awfully hard to accomplish.

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Best 3D-printer filament roll [tech tip]

Filament rolls ultimately are mounted cheaply on many 3D printers. The MakerBot Replicator 2, 2X or Replicator+ 5th gen contain plastic mounts that has plastic of filament rolls rub on plastic of mount. The MakerBot SmartExtruder, being smart and all, thus detects subtle filament slip problems, stalls or cancels printing during the 3D print process – but not when pulling filament during “filament load”.

The company was unwilling to solve that problem so far, so a workaround is in order: how to mount a filament roll so it does not present any resistance that a dumb SmartExtruder can notice and hold it against you? 

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Using AHK (Auto Hot Key) scripts to resize and crop images in Microsoft Powerpoint Professional Plus 2016

Powerpoint may be notoriously difficult to contain, in terms of efficiency and workflow. While it is great, creatively speaking, it is not just as geared towards fast forwarding image cataloging than one would have wished for.

Regardless, it has improved over the years. Using VBA for efficient useful macros is still an issue though, and free definition of all sorts of keyboard shortcuts seems to be not available too easily – so externally controlling the application using AHK scripts seemed to be a logical next step. I already use AHK scripts profusely for web stuff and also for LaTeX typesetting, so who says it is a problem to use the same approach for Powerpoint.

Here are a few short cuts I programmed for fast image cropping and placement.

The script parts are pretty much self explanatory, otherwise just try them out – continuous crop sliding and set resize widths to full, half and third page width are all there. The resize command that I use here works on grouped images also.

Obviously, there seems to be some type of prefix encoded object oriented approach to variable handling, so if you want to perform something else, just see what you come up with inside Powerpoint’s macro environment and transfer it to AHK in the same way. At least that was how I came up with these: check some example of an AHK script for Powerpoint control, then write these.

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Using ODrive with Ubuntu 18.04 and Caja (file browser)

I wanted to integrate Onedrive into my Linux desktop without having to manually sync files one by one. While it is great to have the option to resort to single handedly syncing files one by one, it may just be more convenient to select a couple of them and tell the computer to sync them.

And while Nautilus (the Ubuntu/Gnome file browser) seems to slowly get deprived of features, where are the glorious file browsers of times past; so I got myself Caja including the Caja-Actions configuration tool, and tweaked the file sync commands into a file action so I can now right mouse click any selection of files in the Caja browser’s directory display of the ODrive synced folder, and get the files to down- or upload (whichever is newer).

I put the rundown for the installation here for further convenience.

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