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Lampshade 3D-print (proof of concept)

We had an old lamp whose lampshade had become brittle, and that broke after a minor incident, which was a pity because I liked that little lamp. So I decided to give it a new lampshade. Really, it seems like I was just looking for an excuse to play with some funny commands in the […]

BBQ meat [one good way to do it]

There is a reason why I do not necessarily need to go out to eat, particularly meat, is because my own is actually near perfect.

Mortdecai (2015) [movie review]

With Mortdecai (2015), we are confronted with a more intricate movie than meets “the eye” (bwahaha / broom ting / see below). Critics by and large wrote that the movie was “dull” but in essence, that suggests they are dull themselves. It is quite important to realize that we risk to become “victimized” by “critics” […]

Maturaarbeiten im Kanton Zürich [Nachdenklichkeit]

Vor nicht allzu langer Zeit erhielt ich die Anfrage, ob ich als sog. externer Experte eine Maturaarbeit mitbewerten wolle. Ich würde mich nicht wundern, wenn die grossartige Idee, Schüler selbständig Blumensträusse an Ideen hinwerkeln zu lassen, grundsätzlich aber nicht mit der Idee zu vereinbaren ist, diese Arbeiten zur Matura hinzuzurechnen. Selbst würde ich mich eher […]

David Hume im Abseits [‘lossofi]

David Hume (1711-1776) sagte: „Wenn […] viele gleichförmige Beispiele auftreten und demselben Gegenstand immer dasselbe Ereignis folgt, dann beginnen wir den Begriff von Ursache und Verknüpfung zu bilden. Wir empfinden nun ein neues Gefühl […]; und dieses Gefühl ist das Urbild jener Vorstellung [von notwendiger Verknüpfung], das wir suchen. […] Hat er mehrere derartige Fälle beobachtet, […]

Is CSI telling us a modern fairytale?

It is interesting to consider CSI. CSI is a modern fairy tale, let there be no doubt. It is a myth, it is a wish come true, it is a fantasy. It must play with our expectations. It twists our brains into promises that we may all want. What concise CSI content is there to […]

Visible decay [style]

    Visible decay is not just the result of long use, of neglected care, of cheap materials, of aggressive circumstances or of sheer bad luck. It can also be a form of expression, a way to express detachment from material perfection, to communicate depreciation in a world that obsesses over increasingly fragile shiny plastic […]

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