This technical web entry (check the mission statement) belongs to me, Wolf Schweitzer. I am a Swiss board certified Forensic Pathologist (Rechtsmediziner FMH), and I am currently also working on a project entailing noninvasive scanning methods at the Institute of Legal Medicine at the University of Zuerich, Switzerland.

Previous research work was conducted at the Institute of Pathology at the Kantonsspital Muensterlingen, Switzerland (2 years; research topics: Myocardial pathology after TMLR (Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization); cardiac conduction system of infants that had died an apparently sudden death); the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Melbourne, Australia (“MRI scans of post mortem hearts”; Grants: Ciba Geigy Jubilaeumsstiftung and Schweizerischer Nationalfonds, about 1 year, 1997-1998) and at the Institut fuer Rechtsmedizin Bern, Switzerland (“Digital Autopsy”; Grant: Gebert-Ruef-Stiftung, about 2 years, 2000-2001).

My training includes Forensic Medicine (Institut fuer Rechtsmedizin Zuerich, Switzerland; Institut fuer Rechtsmedizin Bern, Switzerland; Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Melbourne, Australia), Pathology (Institut fuer Pathologie, Kantonsspital Muensterlingen, Switzerland) and Clinical Medicine and Surgery (Ospidal d’Engiadina Bassa, Scuol, Switzerland).

While my family paternally (‘Schweitzer’) originates from the Alsace, I grew up a bit in the USA, in Germany and in Switzerland. My early German was picked up in Unterpfaffenhofen out of Munich. My Swiss German dialect is Zueriduetsch. If you are not sure about yours, you can have it checked at http://dialects.from.ch

I have not given up guitar play and still care about playing; check out some recent examples of bluegrass picking, or a cooked up blues piece also in this recent example.

As life goes on, we get older – but what does not kill you may make you stranger. How about writing up something new on Propellerheads’ Reason or some one-handed-/left-handed guitar play or, seriously brainwashed, one-handed/left-handed bass play (it does pay to use good audio equipment for that one). How about re-inventing function and looks of what can be built and sold as a prosthetic arm to suit the purpose. And ultimately, how about getting back to bike riding. Besides, I like to go for a bit of a swim every now and then.

You may preferably reach me via E-mail to wuff at swisswuff dot ch.