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corr fact
ambient [C]
initial body[C]
rectal body[C]
body wt[kg]
smallest output unit [min]


Henssge, C., and B. Madea. "Estimation of the time since death in the early post-mortem period." Forensic science international 144.2 (2004): 167-175.

title={Estimation of the time since death in the early post-mortem period},
author={Henssge, C and Madea, B},
journal={Forensic science international},

pHp-code written and implemented 2005 by Wolf Schweitzer, MD, Institute of Legal Medicine, University of Zuerich, Switzerland - method described by Henssge C (2002) Todeszeitbestimmung an Leichen; Rechtsmedizin 12:112-131. -- coding was done with a simple text editor. It wasn't done because I think that Time of Death Estimation necessarily would require an internet based tool, but because it was alleged that it couldn't be done in pHp, and because I had a pretty good idea on how to do it despite that. An interesting feature of this tool is the speed with which it comes up with the results.

Version 1.2.1., 16.03.2005 / mobile Version built on 1.2.1., 1.2.2010