fine print:mission

It may help to share what this page is about. A mission statement so to speak.

As the internet is the method of choice for free and instant communication these days, I figured it was important to be there. and participate. It is, so to speak, a fashion statement to be able to implement html, css, simple php code and tweak php/mysql stuff just ‘coz. Direct information about myself is, apart from two pages (about me and projects), minimal; mainly you’ll find some information in case you want to contact me.

As a more interesting application of this system, I am publishing a slow stream of weblog-like entries that attempt to very specifically address a variety of topics. Specific answers are the backbone of internet efficacy and networked information sharing. Concise answers are the bricks the big internet building is really built with. So it is a dead giveaway these days that important subjects are best researched using internet search engines, user forums and linked free information. While I always had a range of interests and manual hobbies, I never felt that I would be responsible to cover any of my incidental subjects completely. So I am aware that I come across things that are very interesting to some, and entirely uninteresting to other people. It is precisely that stuff that never should make it into print as such content is best searched, assembled and consumed “online”. Personally, I feel that this way of sharing specifics is very interesting – it has helped me, and I like to share my insights with others. I run a website since 1994, I started out using Postnuke in 2001 and moved to Joomla in 2006. Of course, there are many, many other things you may look for here – including interest in my social life, hopes or dreams, that I do not share here, and while they may be interesting to some, for some reason information is simply not posted here. This is a strategical and technical hub.

Each entry is meant to cover a specific question, subject, issue or need for information including my necessarily subjective personal opinion or experience. As that, each entry is typed up and published as a contribution to one particular area of interest – not more, not less. These entries usually will be submitted to search engines, and, sometimes, referenced on dedicated forums or blogs in order to make them accessible to those who search for the contained keywords or similar content. The individual “counts” on each entry may reflect how popular – in terms of absolute numbers – each entry would be to the general public. Depending on the subject, a more specific or a wider audience is addressed … obviously.

Technically, you could browse this site by clicking on various items here – and while you do, you may find that the overall collection leaves you unsatisfied as you find solutions to issues that are uninteresting to you. Conditions apply. However, even though my entries are at least technically organized under various headings, this is not the main purpose of this side. The main purpose is for the content of this website to be found through search engines and through forum entries. My website analysis proves me right: the overwhelming majority of my website traffic is caused by specific keyword hits and by forum entry links and as that, entries add to the web surfing experience by being a specific contribution.

In other words: if you browse this website in order to look for something specific on this website… don’t. Use Google.