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Lampshade 3D-print (proof of concept)

We had an old lamp whose lampshade had become brittle, and that broke after a minor incident, which was a pity because I liked that little lamp. So I decided to give it a new lampshade. Really, it seems like I was just looking for an excuse to play with some funny commands in the […]

Neues Taschenmesser [Hinweise / Erfahrungen]

Taschenmesser, oder allgemeiner Klappmesser, scheinen die Urversion (1891: Schweizer Militärmesser) des Konzepts später entwickelter und allgemeiner benannter Multifunktionswerkzeuge (Bauart des Leatherman: 1978) zu sein. Designbedingt stehen sich hier aber Chancen und Risiken in engem Spannungsfeld gegenüber.

Candleholder (39.9mm diameter cup) for Christmas wreath decoration

When we want our choice of 40mm diameter candles on our own needle tree twig type wreath, shops never seem to carry the candle holders necessary to successfully build your own wreath. So we rapidprototyped these into existence.

Creatures from primordial silicone [historical article]

CREATURES FROM PRIMORDIAL SILICON Davidson, Clive. “Creatures from primordial silicon.” New Scientist, vol.156, no.2108, p.30-35 (November 15, 1997). This is a once-in-a-lifetime article, extremely fascinating.

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