Kuckucksuhr – Cuckoo Clock [gift tip]

When the mundane gets profane, when the necessary gets too much, when the exclusive gets ridiculous – but Christmas is once more coming along -, then it is high time. It is high time for a new type of gift, for a truly timeless timely statement. Then it is time to transcend traditions and produce a new item that has not been there before.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no product of this kind available, nor has it been designed elsewhere: I herewith proudly present the world’s first prototype of a Chromed Cuckoo Clock (Verchromte Kuckucks-Uhr).

Growing up as design oriented person, I always dreamt of a fully chromed cuckoo clock (verchromte Kuckucksuhr, verchromte Schwarzwälder Kuckucksuhr).

This dates back to when I was a little boy in my grandparents’ living room. I always loved their clock – it was mostly off time and often not ticking at all, but I felt it was missing an essential ingredient to make it a truly timeless statement: sleekness.


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