Best 3D-printer filament roll [tech tip]

Filament rolls ultimately are mounted cheaply on many 3D printers. The MakerBot Replicator 2, 2X or Replicator+ 5th gen contain plastic mounts that has plastic of filament rolls rub on plastic of mount. The MakerBot SmartExtruder, being smart and all, thus detects subtle filament slip problems, stalls or cancels printing during the 3D print process – but not when pulling filament during “filament load”.

The company was unwilling to solve that problem so far, so a workaround is in order: how to mount a filament roll so it does not present any resistance that a dumb SmartExtruder can notice and hold it against you? 

The by far best filament roll mount for 3D-printing using, like, PLA, was published as The Ultimate Spool Holder (TUSH) on Thingiverse [here: link] (or dowload TUSH locally here). It requires “608 Bearings” (see here, for example).

Here is how my filament roll rolls off filament flawlessly.




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