Edit TomTom GPS Navigation color schemes (Android app)

TomTom GPS Navigation’s color schemes are not for everyone, and maybe you are interested in modifying yours.

The color schemes are XML-files, where the colors used for certain map structures are intelligently labeled (such as “water”), and coded in hex numbers and, on my Android 10 phone, they are easily identified in this file path:

Internal storage/Android/data/com.tomtom.gplay.navapp/files/files/SceneRenderer/schemes-preset/…

Subfolders are named 3D-day, 2D-day, etc. so it is not hard to guess which folder contains what. The color scheme files are named colors.xml, and if you copy the original one to be on the safe side in case you mess up or so, even better.

An online hex-color lookup program can be found here:


Alternatively, an Android app to identify colors’ hex codes is here:


A text editor to edit the XML color scheme files can be found here:


(as soon as I have some useful XML file modifications, I will post them here for re-use elsewhere).

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