Face mask clip-on mount / holder for car head rest [3D-print] #covid #mask #mount

To have a facemask put up in the car so it can dry out effectively, it may ideally be suspended.  So, I built these clip-on mask mounts.


The 3D-model (STL) is here [link]:

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  • Rotate with the left mouse button.
  • Zoom with the scroll button.
  • Adjust camera position with the right mouse button.
  • Double-click to enter the fullscreen mode.
  • On mobile devices swipe to rotate.
  • On mobile devices pinch two fingers together or apart to adjust zoom.
  • On mobile devices 3 finger horizontal swipe performs panning.
  • On mobile devices 3 finger horizontal swipe performs panning.


Mount indications:

  • The 3D-model dimensions are for our Subaru Outback 2018 – but with little effort, this may be adapted to different dimensions.
  • The headrest adapter contains two rounded edges for tilted insertion. If these are not rounded then a stiff material (such as PLA) may not survive the tilted insertion of the thing between the two headrest bars.
  • If the model breaks or cracks during mount, it should not be used but discarded for safety reasons.

Intended use:

  • The situation that I use that for is for driving whereas frequent curves occur, and hanging a mask from the sun visor may be rather irritating.
  • Also, it is for use in our car mainly whereas only the front seat and middle console are occupied by (clean) passengers, and the back seats are used for storage but not for other passengers, and so the mask storage occurs by putting them up behind the front seats.
  • The face mask should be taken off the face and mounted for dry storage. Then the hand(s) need to be washed, cleaned, or, disinfected. Depending on the concise exposure, however, this may not at all be appropriate.

Please also consider these safety warnings: this thing is released for free and for own responsible use – no warranties or guarantees of any kind are given with this device. If you have the slightest doubt about this, it is advised to not download and to not use it at all. A person sitting in the back seat might hit their face against it given any circumstances. Whether masks may be re-used if they are dry, and while they still appear visually clean, may not be an established use rule – so if that is not the case where you are, you must not use such a mask mount. Here, however, and right now, it appears that face masks for occasional shopping center use may well be stored in this way for further use, until they become damaged or dirty.

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