Fixing broken IKEA Minut ceiling lamp [McGyver]

After we tried to hang up a 3-way IKEA “Minut” lamp (IKEA Minut series link) we found that two of the three lamps looked like that:

The lamp screen has two parts – an inner part and an outer part. The inner part screws onto a threading on the bulb’s socket. It keeps the outer screen in place.

Unfortunately, it seemed like IKEA had sold us the third of the lamp’s inset parts (that also hold the outer lamp screen in place) as ground down glass dust.

Their customer service (IKEA Dietlikon) appeared to be friendly but, in terms of their ability to replace the damaged part, incompetent. They had neither advice, or, parts. They also did not offer to slaughter another lamp’s package to replace the broken part or the lamp as such. They were, simply put, useless. Well, such things happen and the day still has only 24 hours.

The lamp had been sold for around 50 CHF. To buy another lamp (for anther 50 CHF) was not an option that we considered. After all, IKEA lamps could be built to fail after all. Their lamp sockets might overheat, and become brittle and break over time. It would then be a pity to have invested too much money into this type of cheapish entertainment electronics. I mean, an IKEA lamp that costs as much to fix basically defies its purpose.

So I decided to “McGyver” the situation and fix the lamp without even buying as much as a screw on counterpart. Without wasting a trip, without conducting any online purchase, thus giving this product the right type of credit and attention, devotion and care.

I started by identifying a number of usefully large paperclips. I bent them a bit.



I found that two of these clips could be pushed over the light bulb socket’s threading to keep the (outer) lamp screen in place. Here is a picture that shows the result:




The appearance of the lamp is mildly altered by the usage of these (large) paperclips.

However given that IKEAS friendly (but incompetent) customer service appeared to be entirely out of parts or tips on how to cope with the situation at all, I do not think these guys could come now and claim that we mutilated their defective device. Much rather, I think the IKEA idea as that, along with the McGyver idea, has been turned into a well functioning result.

Check out that beauty:



From distance, the lamp now looks fine though.


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