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Subaru Impreza 1.5L 2010 Swiss Edition – non-invasive iPhone TomTom carkit mount

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I decided to build a mount for my Apple iPhone 4’s TomTom car kit. I wanted it to be neatly outside the front window area (visual clutter of that area can be a hazard) and I wanted it tucked somewhere centrally so a passenger could help playing with it when on the road.

Obviously the mount needs to be completely rattle free, flexible to access and rewire or replace cables, mount or remove the iPhone and access the device with ease. There should be no screws or glue needed so fast and complete removal of all installations are a must. This is usually best achieved by precise fitting of inserts that neither wiggle nor slide.

Also, it appeared that both audio and 12V jacks were located along the middle, with the 12V jack being b0th in the middle console and the arm rest, and the 3,5mm stereo audio jack in the arm rest of the car.

The model is a standard Subaru Impreza 1.5L Swiss Edition 2010.

The iPhone TomTom car kit needed to go inside the middle console’s item compartment, into the nameless and unlabelled (according to my owner’s manual) area below the air / ventilation controls.

First I drew out a paper template for the shape of that empty space.¬†With that as shape template, I sawed out a thick piece of wood that I’d use as base plate.

Onto that, I planned to mount my iPhone 4 TomTom car kit.

I used two screws to fix the round suction cap of the TomTom car kit onto the board. I used another screw to prevent the cell phone frame’s swivel to lock. Then I mounted two metal strips to stabilize the lower area of the cell phone mount frame.

Remark: the black tape looking stuff is an old sports club bonus card (they said “credit card”) that I had taped to my iPhone 3 TomTom car kit in order to make it compatible with my iPhone 4. Seeing as if this not too beautiful but technically perfect fix did the trick I decided to not buy a new TomTom car kit (which apparently is exactly the same, also built for iPhone 3, but including a “official” looking plastic adapter).


As I had been quick and dirty to place the screws into place, I did not sink them. To avoid damage and use the screw heads to further help in avoiding slippage, I cut a piece of soft rubber to go underneath.

The result is seen here. The iPhone ends up being conventiently located at the bottom of the middle console.

Cables are plugged into the area underneath the arm rest, that houses both 12V and 3,5mm audio in / aux in of the car stereo.

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Here is a scan of the 1:1 template that I used – for your own usage. Squares of the paper are 4mm. No promises are being made as to this fitting your car.

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