Digital Lomo [gallery]

Digital Lomography is all the rage. At least, nowadays.

It was a fringe interest, a weird geek hobby, back in the days in 2005, when in an argument we had at home, it was asserted that Lomo Compact Automat cameras were a relevant addition to our household since “nothing” could match the brimming colorful quality of their images. My view was, then, that with sufficient difference mapping and understanding how camera optics would distort each and every image, one could approximate (if not exceed) the effects of a Lomo Compact Automat (and possibly, other cameras). So I ended up with a set of Photoshop filters that, quite honestly, were by far the most successful download on this webpage all these years.

Here, finally, some of the more interesting photos that I took. Also during that time. They exhibit flaws and characteristics of various shades that one could consider when taking, or post processing, images.

A number of the following images were taken using a Canon Ixus 2 camera and seriously post processed.

A few other images, however, were acquired using 35 mm film; the last image in this series was taken using a Smena Symbol.

The following images were captured using an Olympus Mju camera – one of the most practical and useful point and shoot models I ever had.

These images were taken, mostly, using a digital Canon Ixus 2 point and shoot camera.

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