Unboxing the Maker Hand by Andrej Dukic [first impressions]

I was offered the privilege of getting and testing a Maker Hand, as designed and built by Andrej Andrej Đukić and as demonstrated successfully by winning the Prosthetic Arm Race of the Cybathlon 2o2o by Kunoslav Mihic [link].

So the box arrived almost well, it did appear to be torn open slightly so probably that was Swiss customs checking. At any rate, all seems well and the device appears intact and well padded.

After taking it out, the close up of the Maker Hand seems well as well, so only to adapt the strap and to start using it?


Even easier done than said / written ; ) The fit is relatively good, maybe the upper arm strap may need fine tuning.

So how does it work?

It is a voluntary opening body-powered device and as a first impression, the intricacies of this grip mechanisms are insane. With almost no weight almost no cable loading, it is super easy gro grasp the first things that lie around here - dirty coffee cup, pencil, mouse.

When trying to hold and lift this mouse, the outstanding feature is just how gentle and how light the hand is, vice versa the stunning grip performance that it delivers.


Typing works flawlessly - just grab a pen and use its backside to type on the keyboard, as I would also with any other prosthetic gripper.


There are more things to be explored here - but it arrived in the mail just before so I could not wait to test it until the weekend.


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