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Real watch for real men* ? {TL;DR:not a smart watch, not a luxury watch} [tech]

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Review of paper "Evaluating Reachable Workspace and User Control Over Prehensor Aperture for a Body-Powered Prosthesis" [review]

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v3 stl

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Extending prosthetic gripper lever length for better grip strength control - TRS JAWS XFS (strong spring) [prototype]

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VELOFAKTUM road bike / gravel bike, custom built for left handed use [modification, setup]

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Ossur first effectively bricks insanely overpriced iLimb devices by disabling their control / configuration software [product death / last bad hand day] - UPDATE ~4 MONTHS LATER: they sent an iPod for device control [product revived! - battery specifications]

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Alita Battle Angel [review - SPOILER ALERT]

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Extreme Cyborging (prosthetic arms) [new brand name / new concept]

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Seven subjects that I learned about from being a right below elbow amputee [very humorous, maybe]

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Real prosthetic arm research to finally resolve existing problems [research]

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Busfahrer und Velofahrer, Brüttisellen - Zürich

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Hosmer Model 6 Work Hook [tweak / improvement / backlock feature]

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What to do once your arm has mindboggling amounts of DOF but your stump can only address 2-3 ? [tech scifi stuff]