The Becker Lock Grip and the Becker Imperial hands are, with a huge advantage in performance compared to other hands, the devices I see best fit to complete a maximum of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) using my body powered below elbow prosthesis, almost as powerful as the massively proficient V2P Prehensor. It obviously does not look like a real anatomical hand but that turned out to not be a big issue.

The Becker hand is extremely fast, intuitive to use, compliant and very sturdy. My preference is the Becker Imperial hand.

Here a video showing its use for even rather bumpy mountain bike riding uphill. Perfect handling of the bike.

The Becker hand is the only prosthetic hand that has a perfect, reliably repeatable precision grip, fits standard size 8 gloves (here: work glove with nitrile cover) and that has an adaptive grip, AND that can be financed without problems.

The Becker hand is extremely fast as this shows.

It costs around 650 USD and is very robust.

[DEUTSCH] Becker Handprothesen k├Ânnen direkt bei John Becker bestellt werden.

[ENGLISH] Becker Mechanical Hands can be ordered directly from John Becker.

Disclaimer: I am not involved with the business of Becker Mechanical Hands. They are just great products that I took the liberty to critically review.

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