Kristie Sita with Youtube channel [indicator post]

Kristie Sita has a Youtube channel, where she details some of her own below elbow amputee experiences. I recommend her channel with regard to her experiences in this context.
The link is here:

The following two image loops from her video "Why I do not wear prosthetics" [link], however, are heart breaking:

First of all, the cable setup here? Totally off the charts - no one builds a body powered arm like that. Not even when I put on my own cable mounts will it ever look like that. This really requires explanation.

Videos / GIFs (C) Copyright Kristie Sita

Secondly, excessive length of prosthesis - usually another indicator the prosthetist probably did not get proper parts to accommodate for a long residual limb, but just put together something from stale parts lying around in the shop.

Videos / GIFs (C) Copyright Kristie Sita

That is something as an Association of Prosthetists, that I would really, really be concerned about.

Personally, I think this is a great and illustrative, convincing and well made display of the poor and unacceptable setups we risk to be given. Hell, even my prosthetist here tried to persuade me that 3 cm excessive length was impossible to fix, at first, so I had to jump start my own activities in prosthetics real fast [link].

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