How does it feel getting stared at? [visualization]

If you do not know how it feels getting stared at with the intense voyeuristic (or hate) stare, the obtrusiveness can be hard to transmit to you. In other words, it can be difficult for me (or other amputees) to make you aware of how it feels.

Luckily we found a way to visualize this.

Getting stared at as amputee is a peculiar subject.

Imagine you are that ice hockey player sitting inside the glass box. Imagine there are two little green men not just staring, but *staring* at you.

Now imagine that only you (with a disability) sees these men, has that experience - and since others are not realizing their own staring at you is an intrinsic part of your problem, they will never (ever) understand about you seeing these little green men.

I had people stare at me intensely and not be able to - at all - reflect that.

Also, when I tell other people that lack the exposure themselves, they tell me I'm crazy.

That type of experience makes you lonely and feel exposed.

I know that I am one of many - other amputees experience the exact same thing. And I am not posting that because I am second-guessing myself here. I post that so it can be visualized to others. I post it because I am extremely well able to express myself here.

Just because you do not see these little green men doesn't mean they are not there. Just because you do not realize you are staring doesn't mean I experience you the same way. No, I have photographic memory, I also memorize faces, and I will sure memorize you. And if you manage to not realize how stares can burn, that doesn't mean I am able to always ignore that.

So, here you go. Little green men. Staring at you. Not giving you a break. Imagine no one else sees them. Imagine no one else validates your experience. Imagine how that feels in combination.


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