Fingers, by Nik Ramage [art]

I find that these animated electric loud repetitively tapping impatience exhibiting prosthetic hand fingers by Nik Ramage express some relevant feelings that need to be expressed.

Myoelectric hands are really loud. To call a loud hissing motor powered "hand" a "bionic" hand is like calling the visit to a jeweler shop by ramming the shop with a tank "sneaky". It shows who the pranksters are. They will call the result of shaving a head down "hair cut". It is dada, if not gaga, to use that type of language.

Myoelectric technology development crawls. Multifinger control yields moderate to bad results with "healthy" volunteers - that is, people with both hands there and fully developed forearm muscles are used to type up papers to show off the technology. My forearm muscles are largely atrophied and generate weak if any signals other than two bigger signals that come from all flexors and all extensors. Also, sockets that hold on well and that keep electrodes in place still are a bit hard to come by and it must and will be sockets (1).



(1) Osseointegration with a protruding hard metal that might just tear up my partner's outside and possibly also inside are an absolute exclusion criterion for intimate reasons alone. Furthermore, I swim in really dirty pools that will send people with just normal immune systems to repeat visits to a dermatologist and ear-nose-throat specialist, so having a chronic wound and metal implant in my poorly circulated stump just would be the dumbest idea ever. Thirdly, my socket and cable really transmit forces, and I am talking about real forces that are suitable to unhinge screws, bolts or glued parts. My bones are not nearly as wide and strong as they ought to be, given 12 kg and more oblique loadings on my cable that is pulled extremely fast at times. To reduce wear and tear on the cable sheaths, I invented a special system and for that I have my own Bowden system patent pending. Whenever the bolts keep up with extreme loadings, all nice and sweet - but we will want to see that first before we believe that. - And so as long as these very relevant issues have not been resolved on that front, that is, as well, a no-go.

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