Shoe laces [product tip]

Of course we can tie our shoes in any such way (all resulting in the same):

  • using one hand and stump (again) (learn how to do it)
  • using a prosthetic hook
  • using a prosthetic hand
  • even using a ""bionic"" hand

But then, trying these options falls short of really resulting in a good walking experience for some reason.

However with all these great options listed above, you will not go anywhere. To be sky clear about it: you need no ""bionic"" hand (expensive) but you need to know your way around (priceless).

For starters, there are tie knot and lacing variations. Of course, normal shoe laces with a normal shoe lace tie still happen to fall apart once the tie is too loose. So what to do.

Really, I want my shoes to be fastened but not tight.

Really, I want them closed so they do not flap around.

So I started to use and evaluate a number of lock tie variations. Besides the shoes being a lot faster and easier to close with these, I can wear the ties at the really comfortable level of fast enough but not too tight. And that is a particular problem with manually and normally tied shoe laces, unless one resorts to drastic knot combinations of some sort.




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