How To Conduct A Product Review - demonstrating the spirit how it is done [fact]

When reviewing a product or item, a technique or feature for daily or occasional use, and when doing so from the ultimate consumer viewpoint, there is a certain SPIRIT that is required.

I take efforts to make these reports and opinions on this blog site. I try to make my considerations and reviews as relevant as I can. I try to be on the spot, I try to nail the issues, and I try to be frank with what I find good or what should be improved.

Every now and then, however, someone else provides reviews that are so shining and great that one has to bow and admire them.

Jeremy Clarkson is the man.

This Yoda Sketi review is so excellent that, for the sake of reviewing a review, I just have to put it here.

So in this video, Jeremy Clarkson of BBC's Top Gear places a tattoo artist and client on the back seat of the cars whose off road shakiness he compares. He then holds an icecream while driving an air conditioned car through a burning house just to see whether he gets sticky fingers from melting ice cream. The show is fun to watch. But more importantly, it provides extremely relevant images that nail the issues. It would be extremely superficial to dismiss his approach as satire or slapstick, as idiocy or as unnecessary dramatization.

I like that he finds measures to unequivocally document what he is about to compare. And to use the wobbliness of a tattoo outline to compare off road car's comfort is the perfect idea. How many people do things on cars back seats such as cutting nails, putting in contact lenses, et cetera, that also are risky and potentially dangerous. To use ice cream to see how cold the air condition keeps the car is an extremely visual, cheap and effective way to go. Because the images that result are so non negotiable. They so speak for themselves.

To find images, symbolic actions and demonstrations that non-negotiably speak for themselves. That is what makes a great video or photo based review.

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