Which watch?

I have issues regarding watches.

I will not be able to wear just about any wrist band as I have to be able to operate it using stump ot prosthesis. A heavy or large watch is not optimal as I tend to overuse my complete left arm anyway. And the watch should be reasonably water proof as the last thing I want to do is to take it off / put it on all the time. I do lots of sports and so luxury watches are not exactly what I will be buying.

Here is what works.

Wrist band

I am not wearing the watch on my prosthetic arm. First of all it is in the way of the cable, secondly it swivels and turns and I cannot rotate the arm. Thirdly I am used to wearing a watch on my left wrist.

Using a regular wrist band - and not a metal band with a special lock - I can manipulate the band without problems. But even tiny lock mechanisms can be handled well given proficient prosthetic setup:


I am not operating many watch buttons as of now. But if they are big and chunky - as in that Casio Pathfinder - I am happy to take advantage of that option. Taking the watch off, setting it and putting it back on is the way to go.

Size, weight

The watch must not be too large as my left hand is also the dominant hand. And it must be light enough so I do not wear out my muscles.

No watch

Wearing no watch is a great option.

All sports centers, offices, computers, many public transport stops, my car, at home, my mobile phone that I have with me anyway - I can alway check the time without a watch. Most of these time pieces are very precise.

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